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Review: Jody Blackwell, Come & Gone

Jody Blackwell
Come & Gone
[Self-Release (2011)]

If one must categorize singer-electric guitarist Jody Blackwell’s latest Come & Gone, there is no question that focusing solely on the lyrics, it could nestle quite logically in the folk realm. Touching on subjects in these originals ranging from the comfort of a familiar location (“Turkey Creek”), beautiful words to a war refugee who has come to America (“Lately Come”), or a sweet declaration of love (“Most Likely Place”), Blackwell has a knack for clear expression via music. On the free-flowing title cut, a lament of missed opportunity, she sings, “The moment came and went/Didn’t I owe you more than my silence if our love is true.”

But on the instrumental front, Come & Gone is a joyous potpourri, quite accessible to fans of any genre. There’s the life affirming pop of “Forward,” the cool jazzy blues of “So Glad,” the twangy, fun-filled mood on “Native,” and killer guitar solos that add very appropriate edges. Blackwell’s appealing voice is from the Carole King mold—pliable, nuanced and relatable, perfect for R & B, rock—you name it.

The feeling one gets upon listening to Come & Gone is that of shaking off restrictions and inhibitions. It’s like opening a door to a new perspective, a new day. [jodyblackwell.com]

—Ellen Geisel (Ballston Lake, NY)

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