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Feature Review: Admiral Fallow, Tree Bursts in Snow

Admiral Fallow Tree Bursts in Snow [Nettwerk (2012)] Admiral Fallow‘s Tree Bursts in Snow is a versatile record thoroughly entrenched in modern British folk rock. The 5-piece begins the record with a surprisingly sparse male-female duet, “Tree Bursts,” and the first voice you hear is Sarah Hayes, though nearly all of the leads afterward on […]

Review: Bap Kennedy, Sailor’s Revenge

Bap Kennedy Sailor’s Revenge [Proper (2012)] When I heard that the raspy voiced troubadour Bap Kennedy had enlisted Mark Knopfler for his latest effort, it was pretty much guaranteed that I would be excited to hear it. But when I heard that Sailor’s Revenge was a collection of Celtic-influenced folksy material, I couldn’t cue it […]

Review: Andrew Luttrell Band, Paint by Numbers

Andrew Luttrell Band Paint by Number$ [Self-released (2012)] The opening of Andrew Luttrell Band‘s Paint by Number$ (yes, that’s a dollar sign in the title) is a minute and a half of guitar solo. It showcases the band’s most obvious talents: improvisational, retro, jammy folk rock with nods toward The Dead, Knopfler, Neil Young, and many […]

Review: Karen Dalton, 1966

Karen Dalton 1966 [Delmore (2012)] Karen Dalton is a darling of the freak folk movement, revered by musicians as disparate as Nick Cave and Devendra Banhart. Even though she only did two studio albums, released in 1969 and 1971, her cult status prompted the release of two other casual recordings of gigs, similar to this disk, since her […]

Feature Review: The White Buffalo, Once Upon a Time in the West

The White Buffalo is led by Jake Smith, a massively enbearded songwriter possessed with a commanding, rich, bass voice loaded with ethos and heart. When the man says something, you believe it.

Feature Review: Paul Simon, Songwriter

Paul Simon Songwriter [Legacy (2011)] Songwriter is the tenth compilation album released of Paul Simon’s work since his split with Garfunkel, and the 12th if you count two box sets. Why he is releasing another compilation, considering that he also released a new album in April of this year? Although the included tracks are not […]

Review: Shannon McNally, Western Ballad

Shannon McNally Western Ballad [Sacred Sumac Records (2011)] Chalk another album in aural auteur Mark Bingham’s archive of regional Americana recording posterity. His newest collaboration and production for Long Island songbird flown south, Shannon McNally, is a keeper. This disembodied poetic excursion features songs in English and French. Engineer/producer/multi-instrumentalist and reverb duet singing partner Bingham, a 1970’s pioneer of […]