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Review: Kardemimmit, Introducing Kardemimmit

Introducing Kardemimmit
[World Music Network-digital download only (2012)]

Kardemimmit is a Finnish group composed of four young women who sing and play the Kantele, which is the national instrument of Finland. The Kantele is a zither of 15 or 38 strings that is played by plucking the strings, and produces a sound similar to an autoharp. The group has been together for over ten years and released two independent recordings in 2006 and 2009. This is their first worldwide release.

The quartet performs in a number of different styles including reki-style singing, Pethonjoki valley style and runo-song, mixing traditional material with their own compositions. They have a modern, fresh sound that is unique, yet reflecting the tradition that it is drawn from.

The music is light and airy, with all four women singing, harmonizing and playing various sized kanteles. Some of the songs are mournful traditional laments, others more up-tempo and catchy with a few instrumental pieces mixed in. It’s joyous music that reflects the sound of modern Finnish folk music.

—Jim Lee (Simi Valley, CA)


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