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Review: Cajun Roosters & Friends, Transatlantic Sessions

Cajun Roosters & Friends Transatlantic Sessions [www.cajunweb.de] Transatlantic Sessions is probably one of the most unusual recordings in Cajun music; but then again, the Cajun Roosters aren’t your ordinary chank-a-chankers either. The award-winning Roosters aren’t from the heart of Cajun country but are actually a pan-European band consisting of Britain’s Chris Hall (accordion/rubboard) and Sam Murray (percussion/lapsteel); Scotland’s […]

Horace Trahan, Christmas In Every Way

[Editor’s note: Yeah, this is the only Christmas album we reviewed this year. Feel free to call us humbugs. Or use this as your really last minute shopping for that Aunt who just loves Christmas albums – it’s a mere five bucks and might convert them to a cajun listener!] Horace Trahan Christmas In Every […]

Review: Lil Pookie & the Zydeco Sensations, Just Want To Be Me

Lil Pookie & the Zydeco Sensations Just Want To Be Me [Maison de Soul (2011)] Lil Pookie‘s first release in more than a decade not only represents the comeback of a former child prodigy but a renewed sense of vigor for a talented frontman. Though his band name is listed as the Zydeco Sensations, for […]

Review: D.B. Rielly, Love Potions and Snake Oils

D.B. Rielly Love Potions And Snake Oil [Shut Up & Play! Records (2010)] Comparing a new artist to a more established one isn’t necessarily a fair tactic but it’s a common one in the world of music criticism. In this case it’s hard to resist comparing D. B. Rielly, an accordion-toting singer-songwriter, to another performer […]