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Feature Review: Admiral Fallow, Tree Bursts in Snow

Admiral Fallow Tree Bursts in Snow [Nettwerk (2012)] Admiral Fallow‘s Tree Bursts in Snow is a versatile record thoroughly entrenched in modern British folk rock. The 5-piece begins the record with a surprisingly sparse male-female duet, “Tree Bursts,” and the first voice you hear is Sarah Hayes, though nearly all of the leads afterward on […]

Show review: Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers, Greenfield, MA

Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers St. James Coffeehouse, St. James Church, Greenfield, MA April 09, 2011 It was quite a sight to see Scottish guitarist and singer Archie Fisher and Canadian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Garnet Rogers surrounded by angels and singing from the pulpit of the ornate St. James Church in Greenfield, MA. It was not just that these two are […]