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Feature Review: Admiral Fallow, Tree Bursts in Snow

Admiral Fallow Tree Bursts in Snow [Nettwerk (2012)] Admiral Fallow‘s Tree Bursts in Snow is a versatile record thoroughly entrenched in modern British folk rock. The 5-piece begins the record with a surprisingly sparse male-female duet, “Tree Bursts,” and the first voice you hear is Sarah Hayes, though nearly all of the leads afterward on […]

Review: Emperor X, Western Teleport

Emperor X Western Teleport [Bar/None (2011)] The music on Emperor X‘s (aka C. R. Matheny’s) Western Teleport is full of tensions and conflict: the mix of acoustic guitar with electronica elements, of human interest stories with science fiction (tractor beams and cylons! alternate universes!), and the dead serious emotional content with a boyish vocal delivery and timbre […]

The Decemberists Ephemera: The iTunes Sessions, KEXP’s Live Set, Long Live the King EP

The Decemberists Ephemera By now the dust has nearly settled on the stunning 2011 Decemberists album, The King Is Dead. A rootsy, Americana turn-around that surprised their indie-lit core fans who were used to longer, more abstract songs, The Decemberists’ new sound dropped at a key time when bluegrass and American roots music has been moving back into the […]

Preview: BiMA.fest, The Baltimore Independent Music Festival

Here at Driftwood, we love independent music, reviewing many self-released albums and giving everyone the lowdown on artists signed to labels so small and independent they could carry the One Ring into Mordor. [We also freely admit that some of us are geeks.] The Baltimore Independent Music Festival made its debut last year, and of […]

Feature Review: David Berkeley, Some Kind of Cure

David Berkeley Some Kind of Cure [Straw Man Music (2011)] David Berkeley’s new album is some kind of wonderful for fans of the written and recited word. From the very first moments, the focus is squarely on his straightfoward but evocative poetry: She was walking cross George Square in the rain. I was high. I […]

Indie Grrrls: Sarah Harmer, Oh Little Fire; Clare Burson, Silver and Ash; Joy Ike, Rumors

Today we’ll hear and see a little bit from three great singer songwriters that showcase the wide variety of indie.