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An Interview with Woody Lissauer

In late December, I stopped by Woody Lissauer’s house in Baltimore to chat with him about his music. Listen in as we discuss the decline of the record label, acrylic guitars owned by mountain men in West Virginia, the influence of John Cage on ten-year-olds, and Velcro (oh, sorry, “hook and loop”). This is our […]

Vote for Driftwood for the 2011 Mobbie Awards!

We’ve been nominated for a Mobbie this year again! Last year we got fourth place — not bad, considering we were just starting out. We think we can do much better this year. Click here to help us win. There will be cake. (We think.) But mostly bragging rights. (We think.) You can sign in […]

Review: Eureka Birds, Eureka! EP

Eureka Birds Eureka! EP [Self-released (2010)] With the Peabody Institute right in our midst, it should come as no surprise that Baltimore is home to more than a couple Chamber [pop/rock/etc] bands. The Eureka Birds, led by Justin Levy (who also performs as “Eureka Bird”) on the drums, keys, and vocals, have done an admirable […]

Preview: BiMA.fest, The Baltimore Independent Music Festival

Here at Driftwood, we love independent music, reviewing many self-released albums and giving everyone the lowdown on artists signed to labels so small and independent they could carry the One Ring into Mordor. [We also freely admit that some of us are geeks.] The Baltimore Independent Music Festival made its debut last year, and of […]

Show review: St. Even and Fancy Face, Live at the Creative Alliance

St. Even Fancy Face The Creative Alliance at the Patterson Theater Baltimore, MD July 29, 2011 In 2009, Steve Hefter was in the middle of ending a long term relationship and doubtful about his future in many ways. Then he recorded Selma, a guitar-and-voice follow-up to his brilliant indie rock record Twist and Hold Till […]

Show review: June Star Microshow at Mobtown Studios

June Star Mobtown Studios, Baltimore, MD March 10, 2011 Mobtown Studios has a good thing going for the microshows. The shows are free by first-come, first-reserved, and about 20 people can bring their own beer and cram into the living room of a Baltimore rowhouse. At any given microshow, three or four of those people are […]

Review: Marti Brom, Not For Nothin; and Ella Mae Morse, Rocks

Marti Brom Not For Nothin [Goofin’/Ripsaw Records (2010)] Marti Brom’s latest album is meant as a tribute to the musical legacy of DC. Those familiar with the area will be aware that the Washington area, which encompasses Maryland and Virginia, has long had a strong roots music scene, and Brom is one of its luminaries. […]