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Review: Cajun Roosters & Friends, Transatlantic Sessions

Cajun Roosters & Friends Transatlantic Sessions [www.cajunweb.de] Transatlantic Sessions is probably one of the most unusual recordings in Cajun music; but then again, the Cajun Roosters aren’t your ordinary chank-a-chankers either. The award-winning Roosters aren’t from the heart of Cajun country but are actually a pan-European band consisting of Britain’s Chris Hall (accordion/rubboard) and Sam Murray (percussion/lapsteel); Scotland’s […]

Review: Kristi Guillory and the Midtown Project, Broken Glass

Kristi Guillory and the Midtown Project Broken Glass [Self-released (2012)] Think someone known for playing trad Cajun music with a wheezy accordion can’t pull off a little ballsy Americana roots rock? Well, think again. Kristi Guillory, who fronts her band BonSoir Catin, has been dabbling in roots rock since she was a kid, right around […]

Feature review: Jesse Lége, Joel Savoy, and the Cajun Country Revival, The Right Combination

Jesse Lége, Joel Savoy, and the Cajun Country Revival The Right Combination [Valcour Records (2011)] A day after The Foghorn Trio wrapped up its auspicious debut at Joel Savoy‘s countryside studio in October 2010, Savoy (fiddle), Jesse Lége (accordion), the Trio, Paul Brainard (electric/steel guitar), and Ned Folkerth (drums) immediately set forth to record one […]

Review: MAM, Paris Village

MAM Paris Village [Buda Musique (2011)] A search for the word MAM in Wikipedia yields 34 entries. Nine are for the word itself and 25 are for MAM as an acronym. Unfortunately, the brilliant music duo known as MAM, which consists of François Michaud (violin) and Viviane Arnoux (accordion), isn’t among them. MAM, which has […]

Review: Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys, Cravin’ Cajun

Kevin Naquin & the Ossun Playboys Cravin Cajun Swallow SW-6220 Between the years 2000 and 2004, Kevin Naquin won over a dozen Cajun French Music Association awards. It’s not surprising that he’s such a good accordion player with two great-grandfathers who were well-known musicians, besides having had legendary accordion-player Don Montoucet of the Wandering Aces […]

Reviews: Triple-X, Wodka Vaseline; and Dr. Eugene, Dr. Eugene

Triple-X Wodka Vaseline [Appel APL1328 (2010)] Dr. Eugene Dr. Eugene [Appel APL1329 (2010)] Belgium, and it’s BalFolk or country dance scene, have become hotspots for exciting new young folk bands. Triple-X is a prime example of the kinds of complex melding of styles, folk, rock, jazz and traditional, that these bands strive for. The opening […]

Review: D.B. Rielly, Love Potions and Snake Oils

D.B. Rielly Love Potions And Snake Oil [Shut Up & Play! Records (2010)] Comparing a new artist to a more established one isn’t necessarily a fair tactic but it’s a common one in the world of music criticism. In this case it’s hard to resist comparing D. B. Rielly, an accordion-toting singer-songwriter, to another performer […]