In Which Jack Gets ‘Rescued’ from the Island

In August 2010, I found myself shipwrecked on a deserted island with nothing to do but wait for the tide to bring me crates of oranges, bandannas, and CDs. Then I got picked up by a boat. I expect real life will soon be intruding. Family members to get reacquainted with. Work to go back […]

Photoessay – New Orleans French Quarter Fest

Photographer Willow Haley recently made it out to French Quarter Fest in her hometown of New Orleans and send us some pictures. Enjoy! The pictures were taken over the course of three days. It’s hard to pick a favorite act. ┬áIt’s amazing to watch how Little Freddy King can still move like a thirty year […]

Feature Review: Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan

A crazy quilt of musicians drawn from all aspects of modern culture.

Driftwood’s on holiday next week …

Yeah, how can a guy on a deserted island take a vacation, you ask? Easy. I’ve recently developed a lightbulb made from a small island-dwelling glow worm and powered by old coconuts.* The bug changes color as it gets older, so I’ve been able to make a nice string of red, green, white, and orange […]

Vote for Driftwood for the 2011 Mobbie Awards!

We’ve been nominated for a Mobbie this year again! Last year we got fourth place — not bad, considering we were just starting out. We think we can do much better this year. Click here to help us win. There will be cake. (We think.) But mostly bragging rights. (We think.) You can sign in […]

Driftwood’s One-Year Anniversary Favorites List

Here we are at the end of our first year. Things can be pretty tough starting up any publishing venture these days, but fortunately Driftwood had some help of two of folk music publishing’s most wonderful editors. This gave us the chance to hear an inordinately large number of records, many of them quite spectacular. […]

Preview: BiMA.fest, The Baltimore Independent Music Festival

Here at Driftwood, we love independent music, reviewing many self-released albums and giving everyone the lowdown on artists signed to labels so small and independent they could carry the One Ring into Mordor. [We also freely admit that some of us are geeks.] The Baltimore Independent Music Festival made its debut last year, and of […]