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Horace Trahan, Christmas In Every Way

[Editor’s note: Yeah, this is the only Christmas album we reviewed this year. Feel free to call us humbugs. Or use this as your really last minute shopping for that Aunt who just loves Christmas albums – it’s a mere five bucks and might convert them to a cajun listener!]

Horace Trahan
Christmas In Every Way
[Self-released (2011)]

Horace Trahan scored 2010’s best zydeco album with Keep Walking, a unique blend of bump-and-grind dance grooves and provocative deep thought, making it a thinking man’s approach to zydeco. Now comes a five-song Christmas EP that celebrates the sacred holiday but with thoughts only this spiritual philosopher could have. Instead of focusing on the material, artificial side of Christmas, he’s grateful for what he’s got, even if he jokes about Louisiana’s lack of Christmases (“Christmas With The AC On”). That same sentiment is also evident on “Christmas Every Day” where everyday is Christmas if you’re with the one you love. Throughout the proceedings, Trahan imparts subtle, subconscious messages that it’s a time for meditation and reflection without sounding like your loud mouth, guilt trip-inducing TV evangelist. The last song, an old-school Cajun number sung in French, is especially beautiful. Trahan shares his appreciation of his upbringing and hardworking parents, vowing to pass his culture down to his family. Christmas only comes once a year and it’s a safe bet you won’t catch Trahan unprepared.

—Dan Willging (Denver, CO)

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