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Review: Habadekuk, Hopsadaddy

[Go’ Danish (2011)]

The nine-piece Danish dance band Habadekuk is similar to a Scottish Ceilidh band, with a three-piece horn section, double bass, acoustic guitar, piano and drums, with accordionist Peter Eget and Kristian Bugge (the man who seems to be in every duo, trio and band in Denmark) on fiddle, leading the way. It’s a big fun sound, made for parties, drinking and dancing with, (no surprise) polkas playing a big part in the groups’ repertoire, as do sonderhonings, a Danish style which swings more than polkas do. On Hopsadaddy, their debut album, band does take its foot off the pedal on a couple of tracks, the lovely “Viggo Post” with gentle acoustic guitar and accordion and “Spilledasen” with the horns accenting the melody, joined halfway in by the piano and accordion, all tastefully done. This is an album that compels you to put on your dancing shoes and turn up the CD player. [www.habadekuk.dk]

—Jim Lee (Simi Valley, CA)

Habadekeuk at the Danish Music Awards:


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