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Review: Lynnwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band, Brazilian Kicks

Lynnwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band
Brazilian Kicks
[Delta Groove Music (2011)]

Los Angles blues harmonicist Lynnwood Slim had a hunch that Brazil’s Igor Prado Band would be fairly proficient at their craft and knowledgeable in American blues and jazz, but he had no idea how much until after he arrived in Sao Paulo. Then, like any present or future listener of this record, he was stunned by how great these 20-somethings really are— Igor’s slashing, riveting solos; younger brother Yuri’s relentless snap attack on drums, and Denilson Martins’ swooning sax parts that glisten in sweetness.

It’s a sharp example of Post WW II Left Coast jump blues with these young lions pushing Slim to stay on top of his game. That he does, contributing grinding, chugging harmonica on “Little Girl” and mastering the crooner’s role on “Maybe Someday,” a classic that has all the trappings of Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love.” The instrumental “Blue Bop” offers further amazement with Yuri’s big drum rolls and Igor’s dazzling, flying fretwork. “The Comeback” sports an intriguing arrangement, alternating, hypnotizing chords that serve as a pivoting foundation. Regrettably, one of the disc’s swingingest tunes, Hank Penny’s “Bloodshot Eyes,” is a tad uncomfortable in this day and age due to its reference of violence against women. The fact that it’s here is forgivable, but skipping this disc in its entirety after you’ve been duly advised is not.

—Dan Willging (Denver, CO)

One comment on “Review: Lynnwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band, Brazilian Kicks

  1. Thanks for the heads up on some new talent to me. Glad that my favorite USA export is still stirring young musicians to get into the blues. Will buy the music to enjoy.

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