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Review: Buestrog og Baelgtraek, Musik fra en vestjysk spillemandsfamilie

Buestrog og Baelgtraek
Musik fra en vestjysk spillemandsfamilie
[Go Danish Folk Music Go1910 (2010) CD + Book]

This is a recording of 31 pieces of Danish dance music by accordionist Lilian Vammen, who is the 4th generation of her family to play traditional music from the west of Jutland. The music reflects what might be played on a typical evening of dance in the local village hall: The pieces run from just under a minute to three minutes in length, with Lilian being backed on piano by her partner Gitte, and by a set of younger musician including Jorgen Dickmeiss (violin & mandolin), Mette Kathrine Jensen (accordion), and Kristian Bugge (violin). The book tells the story of the family and provides musical transcriptions of the 31 tunes on the record, which were done by Maren Hallberg Larson. Unfortunately, outside of one brief section in the CD booklet, there is no English translation provided. Musicians who are looking for tunes to play will find the transcriptions and CD a valuable source, but the casual listener is advised to avoid the book and stick with the CD. [www.gofolk.dk]

—Jim Lee (Simi Valley, CA)

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