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The Driftwood Newsfeed: Where is it?

Dear ye who are at sea with me,

Composing news feeds gets progressively harder as we get more news and correspondence, and the days don’t get any longer nor the editors’ lives less busy.

To bridge the gap, we’ve moved the newsfeed items to our Facebook page. If we get some juicy tour or show info or other interesting music news, we’ll post it there.

The good news is that we can post things there in a more timely manner. The bad news, of course, is that the Facebook following is only a small fraction of our daily readership here. If you aren’t a follower of us there, please consider becoming one.

To the readers that looked forward to the newsfeed, my apologies. We will of course continue posting reviews nearly every weekday.

I can add a couple internal news items here: Driftwood has recently brought on a few new writers, including yet another Pacific Northwest writer and a new concert reviewer in the New York area. You can expect to see their work in April or May. And the weather on my little deserted island has finally gotten sunny and warm, so I am no longer grumbling every night and day, hoping for a rescue ship, or concocting ways to keep the old laptop running in the wet and windy cold.

Back to listening, with a more cheerful ear.

Thanks again for reading,

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