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Review: Putumayo Presents Bossa Nova Around the World

Putumayo Presents
Bossa Nova Around the World
Putumayo PUT 306-2

As stated in the introduction to this album’s notes, a few musical genres have become truly global: rock & roll, blues, jazz, and reggae. The mellifluous genre known as bossa nova may not be quite as universal but it comes reasonably close, as this compilation demonstrates with flair. A couple of French artists either traveled to Brazil as a teenager or were raised there (Didier Sustrac and Pierre Aderne respectively). Another singer was born there (Bïa, now based in Québec). The album features three bossa nova classics, namely “Meditation” (Tom & Joy from France), “Corcovado” (Norwegian singer Hilde Heftew), and “So Nice” aka “Summer Samba” (Stacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson from the USA and the UK). Other artists come from Cape Verde/Portugal, Germany, Toronto, and South Korea. The sole instrumental comes courtesy of Serbian trumpeter Dusko Goykovich. Maybe these exquisite selections don’t quite cover the world but the twelve artists featured make an eloquent case for bossa nova as an international form of music.

—Paul E. Comeau (Comeauville, NS, Canada)


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