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Review: Fishtank Ensemble, Women In Sin

Fishtank Ensemble
Woman In Sin
[self-released FE1003 (2010)]

The Fishtank Ensemble is a Los Angeles based four-piece that play an eclectic blend of music from Eastern Europe. It’s gypsy music, jazz and Django Reinhardt, traditional Kurdish and Romanian tunes, original pieces and the occasional standard like a slow burning version of“Fever”. The musicianship is impeccable, with Serbian bassist Djordje Stijepovic, guitarist Douglas Smolens and violinist Fabrice Martinez all weaving a musical web around the sultry, little girl vocals of Ursula Knudson and her musical saw, with friends adding in additional accordion, piano, clarinet and flute. It’s emotional music with shifts of tones and tempos and a joyous celebration of the mystery of music from the East. Join them for the ride. (www.fishtankensemble.com)

—Jim Lee (Simi Valley, CA)

One comment on “Review: Fishtank Ensemble, Women In Sin

  1. Whoa, fixed the video coding. Sorry to anyone who tuned in early!

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