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Review: Alex Bevan, Fly Away

Alex Bevan
Fly Away
[Self-released (2010)]

Alex Bevan is a longtime local musical hero in northern Ohio, a veteran Cleveland singer-songwriter whose recording career goes back forty years and whose music has always been marked by hope and humor. Fly Away features what Bevan calls songs of transformation, a gray-haired man’s look at life’s changes with an optimistic sense that things will work themselves out in the end, simply arranged for his strong tenor voice and bright fingerpicked guitar.

On “Chase,” he sings:

If you’re feeling like you’re spinnin’ out of control
Let me leave a few breadcrumbs here for your soul

and that sums up this disk’s gently reassuring mood. The title track is an upbeat reminder that bad times will pass, and “The One Who’s Gone” is a heartfelt appreciation of the simple details of life framed by the memory of an old friend. “Road to Montreal” is a cheerful recollection of a long drive with a loved one and the joy that the singer shares with her, while the bluesy “Song” salutes the healing power of music. These are not songs for people who want to wallow in gloom, but a welcome touch of light in what can sometimes be a dark world. [www.alexbevan.com]

—Tom Nelligan (Waltham, MA)

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