Reviews: Baltic Crossing, Firetour and Jensen & Bugge, Projekt Dialekt

Baltic Crossing
[Go’ Danish GO1310 (2010)]

Jensen & Bugge
Projekt Dialekt
[Go’ Danish GO0610 DVD (2010)]

The band Baltic Crossing is an international group composed of two Englishmen, Ian Stephenson (guitar, melodeon) and Andy May (Northumbrian pipes, harmonium); two Fins, brother’s Esko (violin) and Antti (double bass, mandolin, violin) Jarvela; and one Dane, Kristian Bugge (violin). They usually perform a mix of music from different countries, but on this, their second recording, all the material comes from the Danish Islands of Lolland and Falster. The music, with one exception, is from old manuscripts researched by Bugge, and was recorded in Finland with financial support from the local Danish Cultural Departments. The arrangements make use of the multi-instrumental talents of the band, with the pipes, melodeon and violin trading off the lead role, with hurdy gurdy and harmonium added in for additional color, supported by a solid rhythm provided by the guitar and double bass. It’s Danish traditional music given an international flavor. Recommended.

Baltic Crossing’s Kristin Bugge teamed up with Danish accordionist Mette Kathrine Jensen to explore the dance music of rural Denmark. The two took a film crew to the small islands of Laeso and Fano, Western Jutland and Thy, and recorded 75 minutes of music, dance and interviews with local musicians and dancers. The film and audio quality are both excellent, and the program features a large number of dance tunes, played in a number of styles, as well as shots of the local dancers and interviews with the local musicians. Its all very low key and informal, and conveys a sense of what it’s like in the small local communities. Anyone who has any interest in folk dancing, or dance music, should find much to like on this DVD.

Both recordings come with extensive liner notes in both Danish and English. [www.balticcrossing.com, http://www.gofolk.dk, http://www.jensen-bugge.dk]

—Jim Lee (Simi Valley, CA)

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