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The Driftwood December/January New Releases List

Here is the list of everything we have received since our last new releases posting on December 1, 2010 through January 15, 2011. Please note that there can occasionally be a lag between the time we receive something and the time we log it, and that we do not log items that are blatantly out of genre for Driftwood. As always, if you see a mistake or an omission (hey! I sent you such and such on December 12!), write to us or post a comment and we’ll be happy to correct it. 

Artist Album
A Hawk and A
Alan Black Happy as a Monkey
Amos Lee Mission Bell
Andy Irvine Abocurragh
Ballaké Sissoko and
Vincent S
Chamber Music
Bell’Aria Little Italy
Ben Ottewell Shapes and Shadows
Bert Jansch
Thirteen Down
Big Head Blues Club 100 Years of Robert Johnson
Big Joe and the
You Can’t Keep a Big Man Down
Bottom of the River The Water’s Freezing
Bruce Cockburn Small Source of Comfort
Bruce Nemerov Zeno Dreamed
Soul Call
Charlie King & Karen
The Distance Remaining
Chopteeth Chopteeth Live
Coby Grant Fanfare for Love
Coyote Grace Ear to the Ground
Dala Everyone is Someone
Delphia Blize West River
Finlay Morton Harvest the Wind
Glenna Bell Perfectly Legal: Songs of Sex, Love, and Murder
Gurf Morlix Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream
Happy Traum American Stranger
Hindi Zahra Handmade
Hot Club of Cowtown What Makes Bob Holler
Jaime Michaels The Man with the Time Machine
Jane Eaman Caught in Time
Jim Clark The Service of the Song
Jim Murdoch Yonder Shore
Jim Patton & Sherry
Ray of Hope
Johanna Divine Johanna Divine’s Mile-High Rodeo
John-Alex Mason Jook Joint Thunderclap
Jonny Burke Distance and Fortune
Jubilant Bridge Power Lines
Karyn Oliver Red Dress
Kate Rusby Make the Light
Kaya Project Desert Phase Remixes
Kim Lamothe Mystery of Viburnum
Lucinda Williams Blessed
Lucy Billings No Other Road
mamarazzi Bewilderness
Marshall Lawrence Blues Intervention
My Cousin, the
Prospect Park West and Broadway-Lafayette: The Subway
My Sweet Patootie Patootified
Nice Cliques Populra Art
Norman Blake Green Light on the Southern
Orkestar Bez Ime Mahala Drive
Patrick Sweany That Old Southern Dog
Paul Cowlan Out of the Sun
Paul Oscher Bet on the Blues Limited Edition
Ramoo Prasad
Anu Goonj: Violin Music to Make Your Heart Vibrate
Rich Del Grosso and
John Del Toro
Time Slips on By
Riley Etheridge Powder Keg
Sarah McQuaid When Two Lovers Meet/I Won’t Go ’til Morning
Shannon McNally Western Ballad
Steve Riley & the
Mamou Playboys
Grand Isle
Sweetkiss Momma Revival Rock
Terry Garland & Li’l
Live at the Canal Club
The Big I Am Collecting Skies
The Grascals and
The Grascals and Friends
The Hay Brigade The Hay Brigade
The Laws Try Love
The Stagger & Sway Break Til You Bend
Vijay Shankar
Choubey and
Ragunath Mishra
Chidiya: Folk Tunes from the Jamuna and Ganges River
Yvette Landry Should Have Known
Zenobia I Vintermørkets Hal

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