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Review: The Rough Guide To World Music For Children

Various Artists
The Rough Guide To World Music For Children
World Music Network

Don’t let its title fool you. With a global-spanning assortment of irresistible rhythms and songs, The Rough Guide To World Music For Children is as much a treat for older listeners as it is for younger folk. Ranging from the neo- traditional flute playing of Ireland’s Michael McGoldrick (“The Hillsbrook Reels”) and England’s Chris White and Julie Matthews (“On My Way”) to the Disney- meets-bluegrass of the Country Gentlemen (“Matterhorn”), from the Latin funk of New York’s Jose Conde and his 10-piece Ola Fresca (“Café Con Sangre”) and Spain’s Los Fulano performing with Peret, the 70-year-old “King of Catalan Rumba” to the Mozambican dancehall fusion of Mabulu (“Bula Bula”), this is music that’ll bring the whole family together.

While only a few songs are in English, language is no barrier. Colombia’s LA-33 incorporates snippets of Henry Mancini’s “Theme From The Pink Panther” (“Pantera Mambo”), while the Amsterdam Klezmer Band bring a new dimension to Eastern European Jewish dance music. Somalian TV actress-turned-singer Saba fuses the traditional sounds of acoustic guitar and the 21-stringed kora with traditional African and contemporary percussion (“Hoia (Mum)”). The CD is capped by German nu-jazz band, Club Des Belugas’s remix of Dean Martin’s mid-50’s recording of “Mambo Italiano,” the first worldwide remix of any of the late crooner’s tracks.

—Craig Harris (Chicopee, MA)

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