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Review: Mathias Eick, Pasha Hanjani, Ertan Tekin, Tre Vise Menn

Hey, it’s black Friday. I guess the holiday season has officially started. Let’s start it off with something a little different.

Mathias Eick, Pasha Hanjani, Ertan Tekin
Tre Vise Menn
[Kirkelig Kulturvesksted FXCD 355 (2009)]

A very different sounding Christmas instrumental recording from this cultural mix of musicians from Norway (Mathias Eick), Iran (Pasha Hanjani) and Turkey (Ertan Tekin). Multi-instrumentalist Eick (trumpet, piano, double bass, vibes, percussion) has arranged a cross section of European Christmas tunes from Germany, Norway, Scandianian, France and England, and added in Ney and Duduk to give the music a very unique yet beautiful sound. The approach is quiet and reflective, with some of the tracks having a jazz influence. It’s a Christmas recording that sounds like few others and makes for a multi-cultural celebration of the season.

—Jim Lee (Simi Valley, CA)

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