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Driftwood Newsfeed for Oct. 27, 2010

It’s been a few weeks since our last newsfeed was posted, so let’s see what’s going on in the world of music. But first, I might as well let our readers know . . . Driftwood has been nominated for a Mobbie, the Baltimore Sun’s blog/social media award. Yay! So thanks to the Baltimore Sun and, well, whoever nominated us.

Sarah Jarosz is taking us back a few decades not just with her brilliant old-timey bouzouki playing but with a new digital and limited vinyl release, appropriately titled The New 45. The release is Jarosz’s own “My Muse” coupled with the Bill Wither’s composition “Grandma’s Hands.” The double-sided single has been largely forgotten in the CD age, so I for one salute this combination of innovation and nostalgia.

If you’re into psychadelic folk/rock (or even just guys in costume getting medieval on each other .  . .), take a gander at the new video by France’s The Bewitched Hands:

Anyone interested in finding a luthier, being a luthier, or reading up on luthier…ing (oh, wait, it’s “lutherie”) might want to check out LuthierBuilt.net. The site has “lofty ambitions” to become the world-wide destination for information about luthiers.

WOMEX, the World Music Expo, starts today in Denmark. It’s been called the World Music’s equivalent of the South by Southwest festival, a massive meeting of thousands of musicians, labels, publicity types, and journalists. To our readers who are there: congrats you lucky sods! The rest of us will just have to be content with exploring their website for news about breakout new artists. [www.womex.com]

Shawn Mullins has a new album out, Light You Up, and in the middle of his fall tour. You can find dates at his website (www.shawnmullins.com). Mr. Mullins has come a long way since his breakout hit “Lullaby” (a.k.a. “Rock a Bye”) in the mid 1990s, and his new album is the fruits of extensive cowriting and collaborative sessions in the past couple of years. The album has a notably more country twang than his earlier material, and his voice is as beautiful as ever. The mid Atlantic is lucky enough to get a heavy doze of the AAA singer, with two nights at Iota Club in Alexandria, Virginia, and the Rams Head in Annapolis, and the World Cafe in Philly all playing host.

In early 2011, Converse—the venerable canvas shoe company now owned by Nike—will open the doors on a recording studio with a very promising incentive for artists to record there: It’s free. And not in the label model of old, where the artists owed the label money. The artists have to demonstrate that they’re needy enough and talented enough to get in, of course. The move has prompted some thought amongst artists on the question of whether this is “selling out” and whether it’s even possible to sell out in this day and age, but this editor’s opinion, at least, is that projects like this resemble the patronage models of past centuries, and might engender some unusual releases that otherwise might not have seen the light of day from talented but unmoneyed bands. So let’s wait and see on this one. They’ve posted a video with more info:

Minky Records will rerelease the catalog of The Mixtures, a 1960s multiracial combo. Here’s a nice little classic Rock and Roll tune to show what they’re all about:

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