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The August New Releases List

The following is everything we’ve received at Driftwood in our first month (minus a few things received in the last couple days of the month that weren’t processed yet). The list is alphabetical by name.

The albums here weren’t necessarily released in August.  Some of them haven’t been released at all! Which makes it all the more strange that they’re floating around in crates on the Atlantic . . .

Artist Album name
Alex Hodgson Jeelie Jars n Coalie
Alpha Yaya Diallo Immé
America’s Music Legacy: Country & Western
America’s Music Legacy: Rock & Roll
America’s Music Legacy: R&B
America’s Music Legacy: Gospel
Andrew and Noah Van Nostrand All the Good Summers
Arthur Nasson Echo Garden
Asleep at the Wheel and Leon
Its a Good Day
Austin City Limits – 35 Years in
photos by Scott Newton,
edited by Terry Lickona and
Scott Newton
Backbeat Coming Home
Baltic Crossing Firetour
Banjo Frolic a film by Gérard de Smaele
& Patrick Ferryn
Banjo on the Mountain – Wade
s First Hundred Years
by Dick Spottswood
Belshazzar’s Feast Frost Bites
Beyond Buddhist and Christian
Bill Frisell Beautiful Dreamers
Blabbermouth Me and the Metronome
Blue Giant Blue Giant
Bluegrass Jamming Essentuals taught by Bill Evans &
Megan Lynch, featuring
Adam Steffey, David
Thomas & Tim Stafford
Bob Brozman, John McSherry
and D
ónal OConnor
Six Days in Down
Bob Dylan Tales from a Golden Age
Bobby Charles See You Later, Alligator
Bonnie Dobson Vive La Canadienne
Brendan Taaffe Little Boots
C.B. Heinemann Conspiring With Persons of
Questionable Character
Caleb Klaudner Western Country
Captain Squeeze & the Zydeco
Fine People Everywhere
Cara Long Distance Love
Caroline Aiken Welcome Home
Carolyn Hester We Dream Forever
Carpenter & May Carpenter & May
Chapin Sisters Two
Charles Xavier Xmas Vibe
Chris Ricketts and Mark
Simple Folk
Chris Washburne and the
Fields of Moons
Chumbawamba ABCDEFG
Claire Burson Silver & Ash
Cori Connors One Small Boy
Corner House The Friendly Visit
Cort Armstrong Chicken Pickin’
Crowe, Lawson, Williams Old Friends Get Together
Dàimh Diversions
Darrell Scott A Crooked Road
David Bromberg Wanted Dead or
Alive/Midnight on the Water
Dean Jones Rock, Paper, Scissors
Dejah Leger Hand Sewn Lullabies
Django Reinhardt Intégrale Django Reinhardt:
Édition du Centenaire
Season 2 (1938-
Django Reinhardt Intégrale Django Reinhardt:
Édition du Centenaire
Season 3 (1947-
Elizabeth Mitchell Sunny Day
Ember Schrag Jephthah’s Daughter
Ernie Martinez Where I Make My Home
Fab: The Intimate Life of Paul
by Howard Sounes
Fiery Blue Fiery Blue
Fishtank Ensemble Woman in Sin
Gabe McVarish Eclection
Gao Hong Quiet Forest, Flowing
Gary Bennett You Are Never Nice to Me
Gecko Turner Gone Down South
Grandpa Elliott Sugar Sweet
Groef Des avonds in klein
Gypsy Jazz – In Search of
Django Reinhardt and the Soul
of Gypsy Swing
by Michael Dregni
Hamper McBee The Good Old-Fashioned
Hanneke Cassel For Reasons Unseen
Hedy West and Bill Clifton Getting Folk Out of the
Holler! Holler!
Iona Mid-Winter Light
Jackson Wetherbee Jackson Wetherbee
James Michael Taylor Eureka
Jayhawks Holywood Town Hall
(Expanded edition)
Jayhawks Tomorrow the Green Grass
(Legacy Edition)
Jensen & Butte Prokekt Dialekt
Jim Moffatt Live at Crystal Gardens
Joe Rollin Porter Troubles Just Like Mine
John Pearse The Lost 1966 Waldeck
Johnny Flynn Been Listening
Johnsburg 3 Caskets in the Cornfield
Joy Ike Rumors
Juanjo Mosalini, Raphaël
Sanchez, Eric Chalan
Raynald Buraglio:
Judy Collins Paradise
Kevin Naquin & the Ossun
Cravin Cajun
King Sunny Ade Baba Mo Tunde
Laura Cortese Acoustic Project
Leon Russelson & Robb
The Liberty Tree
Leonard Cohen Bird on a Wire
Lila Downs Lila Downs Y La Misteriosa
En Paris –
Live à FIP
Liz Knowles Making Time
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner Tickled Pink
MareNostrum The Best of MareNostrum
Mark Mandeville No Big Plans
Maro Kawabata Sunset Drive
Marsalis Family Music Redeems
Mats Edén, Daniel Sandén-Warg, Leif Stinnerbom &
Magnus Stinnerbom
Anno 2010
Matt Hill On the Floor
Merle Haggard Kern River/Amber Waves of
Merle Haggard Out Among the Stars/A
Friend in California
Methera In Concert
Michael Cooney Just Piping
Mike Vass & Dave Wood Wait What?
Molly O’Brien & Rich Moore Saints & Sinners
Moreland & Arbuckle Flood
MotherMoon Writing in the Sky
Musicanti del Piccolo Borgo Ecchite maje
Neptune’s Car Strawberry Moon
Nirmala Rajasekar Into the Raga
Nordic Choro Nordic Choro
Nu-Blu Nights
Ola Belle Reed Rising Sun Melodies
Old Blind Dogs Wherever Yet May Be
Pat Turner Another World
Patrick Stanfield Jones A Heart and an Open Road
Paul Manousos Cmon Cmon
Pete Seeger Tomorrow’s Children
Piper’s Cathedral – The 17
Bagpipes of Cologne Cathedral
Music Project on Bagpipe
Images of Cologne
Raianne Richards Simple in This Place
Rannok Rannok
Rattle on the Stovepipe No Use in Cryin
Raul Malo Sinners & Saints
Ray Lamontagne God Willin’ & the Creek
Don’t Rise
Richard Barone Glow
Rim Banna April Blossoms
Rua MacMillan Tyro
Ruth and Max Bloomquist Turn Back a Page
Ruthie Dornfeld Duets Abroad
Ryan Montbleau Band Heavy on the Vine
Sarah Harmer Oh Little Fire
Sarah McQuaid When Two Lovers Meet/I
Won’t Go Home ’til Morning
Shannon Whitworth Water Bound
Shawn Mullins Light You Up
Sign of Life – A Story of Family,
Tragedy, Music, and Healing
by Hilary Williams with M.B.
Sones de México Ensemble Fiesta Mexicana: Mexican
Songs & Stories for Ni
ños &
ñas and their Papás &
Stephanie Bettman & Luke
It All Comes Back to Love
Stonehoney The Cedar Creek Sessions
Susie Hansen Representante de la Salsa
Te Vaka Haoloto
Tempest Another Dawn
The 25th Anniversary Rock &
Roll Hall of Fame Concerts
Various artists DVD
The Adam Larkey Band The Adam Larkey Band
The Arboreal Quartet The Arboreal Quartet
The Askew Sisters Through the Lonesome
The Autumn Defense Once Around
The Chris O’Leary Band Mr. Used to Be
The Comforters Two Piece Orchestra
The Glencraig Scottish Dance
Scottish Country Dances –
“Ah’m askin’ “
The Hot Club of San Francisco Hot Club Cool Yule
The John Henrys White Linen
The Late Victorian Folksong
Revival: The Persistence of
English Melody, 1878-
by E. David Gregory
The Redemption Center Land of Plenty
The SteelDrivers Reckless
The Weepies Be My Thrill
The Zeros Zero In
Tim Laycock Sea Strands
Toulouse Engelhardt Perpendicular Winds
Traveler’s Dream Cold Blows the Day
Various artists Jug Band Extravaganza
Various artists Songs from the East Village
Various artists African Pearls: Côte
Ivoire – West African
Various artists African Pearls: Congo –
Pont Sur le Congo
Various artists African Pearls: Sénégal –
Echo Musical
Various artists The Rough Guide to Desert
Blues w/bonus CD
Introducing Etran Finitawa
Various Artists Jerry Jams for Rex
Various artists The Rough Guide to
Scottish Folk + bonus CD
Maggie MacInnes Bhon
Chridhe (From the Heart)]
Various artists The Rough Guide to
Afghanistan w/bonus CD
Ahmad Sham Sufi Qawwali
Various artists The Rough Guide to Greek
é w/bonus CD Dimitris
Mistakidis 16 Rebetika
Tragoudhia Paigmena Me
Various artists The Rough Guide to Paris
é w/bonus CD Beltuner
Various artists Højbystævnet 2009
Various artists World Christmas Party
Various artists The Rough Guide to
Bhangra w/bonus CD
Achanak 20 Years of
Various artists The Rough Guide to Salsa
Dance w/bonus CD Salsa
Crazy Learn to Salsa Dance
Series, Volume 1
Various artists The Battle of Prestonpans
Various artists The Rough Guide to the
Music of the Russian
Gypsies + w/bonus CD
Kolpakov Duo The Art of
Gypsy Guitar
Water Tower Bucket Boys Sole Kitchen
We’re About 9 Amalgam
William Coulter, Deby Benton
Grosjean & Friends
Jefferson’s Fiddle

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