Driftwood Magazine Launch

Driftwood magazine is scheduled for a launch on Sunday,  August 22. Subscribe by RSS or E-mail and be one of our first readers.


2 comments on “Driftwood Magazine Launch

  1. Sue Hartman – who always takes me into a music/literary time warp when we talk – e-mailed me yesterday (?) about the start-up. Blessings!! I dearly miss Dirty Linen for it took me back and deeper into the world/folk music of which I’m still fond. Hope this works out well!!

    The muse obviously worked in the start-up story!!

    Are you going to have links to the music or just references. E-mags are fascinating. I hook up to a couple of Model Railroad mags.

    • Occasionally, we will have links to the music. It’s not always possible to find something that can be linked to or embedded properly in WordPress. Sometimes if we think a YouTube video is particularly good, we’ll post it near the review.

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